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IGBMC - Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire

2011-2012 (vague C)

Type de rapport
Rapport d’évaluation d’une entité de recherche
Campagne d'évaluation
2011-2012 (vague C)
Date de publication
Centre national de la recherche scientifique - CNRS, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale - INSERM, Université de Strasbourg
SVE Sciences du vivant et environnement
SVE2 Biologie Cellulaire, Imagerie, Biologie Moléculaire, Biochimie, Génomique, Biologie Systémique, Développement, Biologie Structurale
SVE5 Physiologie, Physiopathologie, Cardiologie, Pharmacologie, Endocrinologie, Cancer, Technologies Médicales
Nom des équipes de l'unité
Single Cell Biophysics of Growth and Proliferation
Roles of retinoic acid in nervous system development and physiology
Cell physics, a joint Laboratory between IGBMC and ISIS
Cell cycle and ubiquitin signaling
Epigenetics and cell fate in early mamalian development
Mecano-genetic interplays and embryonic morphogenesis
Primordial germ cells? (PGC) ontogeny and pluripotency? instead of ?Primordial germ cells? (PGC) ontogeny?
Hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis in the mouse
Transcriptional regulatory networks and signalling in cancer
Genome expression and repair
From nuclear receptor action to novel paradigm for cancer therapy action
Chromatin and epigenetic regulation : Biological function of histone H3.3 variants
Integrin function and signaling in tissue morphogenesis, integrity and homeostasis
Pathophysiological function of nuclear receptor signaling
Molecular Biology of B cells
Molecular and cellular biology of breast cancer
Nuclear retinoic acid receptors phosphorylation and cross-talk with signaling pathways In vivo relevance of RARs phosphorylation : role in embryonic development and neurogenesis and deregulation in cancers
Protein networks and complexes regulating eukaryotic mRNA decay
Cell Biology of genome integrity
Dynamics of chromatin structure and transcription regulation
Molecular and cellular biology of cancer
Functional Epigenetics and Chromatin Regulation
Structural biology of epigenetic targets
Retinoic acid signaling pathways driving stem spermatogonia ontogenesis and differentiation
Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Large complexes involved in gene expression
Expression of genetic information
Evolutionary Inference in Biological Networks
Architecture of nucleoprotein systems by 3-D Electron Microscopy
Action and inhibition studies of pharmaceutical targets
microRNA and long non-coding RNA diseases
Atherosclerosis and thrombosis
Neural development and evolution
Genetic mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders
Physiopathology of aneuploidy, gene dosage effect and Down syndrome
Opioid systems and brain function
Recessive ataxias
Pathophysiology of neuromuscular diseases
Fundamental and pathophysiological mechanisms implicated in recessive ataxia
Signal transduction in metabolism and inflammation
Polyglutamine expansion diseases: from pathomechanisms to therapeutic strategies
Differentiation and physiopathology of endocrine cells in the pancreas and intestine
Genetic and molecular analysis of early neurogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
In vivo cellular plasticity and direct reprogramming
Forces and signals in tissue morphogenesis
Development of muscle and vertebrae
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