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A field observatory for urban hydrology in the Lyon metropolitan area since 1999.

OTHU - Observatoire de Terrain en Hydrologie Urbaine - is an off-site laboratory for observing urban discharges and their impact on receiving environments, particularly in wet weather. Its aim is to propose new solutions for the design and management of wastewater treatment systems. Structured as a research federation (accredited as SFR 4161 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research), it brings together 12 laboratories from 9 research establishments. The observatory is co-chaired by Flora Branger, INRAe RiverLy and Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, INSA Lyon Deep, and managed by Laëtitia Bacot Graie.

A structuring partnership between scientists and local players

OTHU is a federation of research teams created in 1999.
It now brings together nine institutions in Lyon: INSA Lyon, Université Lyon 1, Université Lyon 2, Université Lyon 3, INRAE de Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon, ENTPE, VetAgro Sup and BRGM.

It involves more than 110 researchers. Since 2011, it has been a Federative Structure (FED 4161) recognised by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education.
Based in the Greater Lyon area, it receives technical and financial support from the Metropole of Lyon and the Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency.
The OTHU integrates not only interdisciplinarity but also intercognitiveness through its privileged relations with the managers of urban technical systems.
In this way, the Observatory enables scientific and expert knowledge to be compared and pooled. Its aim is the coherent and concerted acquisition of data on chains of processes (from production to impact), enabling cognitive advances that serve both research and action.

OTHU's scientific influence: from local to international

OTHU is committed to a policy of strong local, regional and national outreach.
At an international level, OTHU's original approach is widely recognised, making it an ideal location for cooperation and hosting foreign researchers (more than 18 collaborations are underway).
The scientific results obtained as part of the research programme associated with the observatory are disseminated in the traditional way to the international scientific community through publications and communications.


This collection contains most of OTHU's scientific publications. The OTHU Open Archive is intended for the deposit and consultation of scientific work carried out in support of the Observatory.


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